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1 March 2019
March for the Agri-food sector opens with a presentation on the impacts of the digital economy.
Author: Emily Zerling
1 March 2019
March is a month of key votes and debates for the digital and tech sector with the EU Parliament taking the central stage.
Author: Jacopo Lange
1 March 2019
The month of March for the Pharma and Health sector will open with a meeting from the Research Working Party.
Author: Emily Zerling
1 March 2019
A series of key meetings and votes from both the ECON Committee and ECOFIN Council are set to impact the Financial Services sector this March.
Author: Jeroen DeMarteau
1 March 2019
During the course of March European Union policy makers will be discussing and debating the future of EU climate action and the possible pathways for further decarbonisation of the European economy.
Author: Matteo Panizzardi



Finnish Presidency briefing

DeHavilland EU’s latest briefing profiles Finland’s presidency of the Council of the EU, which takes place in the midst of a newly elected EU Parliament and the impending Article 50 deadline.


Disinformation and digital taxation

The EU is currently engulfed in a clash over regulating tech companies in two key areas: disinformation and taxation.

Carbon Pricing

The importance of climate change in the May 2019 European elections has seen the revitalisation of the debate around carbon pricing policy in the EU. 

Sustainable Finance - State of Play

Sustainable Finance - State of Play

In this briefing, DeHavilland examines the issue of sustainability in finance looking at questions such as 'what exactly is the difference between a “normal” investment and a sustainable investment?'

EP 2019 Elections Data Insight: People, parties and projections

DeHavilland has undertaken research into whether MEPs who sat in the 2014-19 Parliament are seeking re-election and how that may affect the upcoming Parliament.