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About Us

DeHavilland EU provides EU political intelligence, EU monitoring, bespoke research and consulting services that are specifically tailored to your interests and needs. Our services are designed to help you influence policy and/or inform your strategy by anticipating change so you can better manage the risks facing your organisation.

Based in the heart of Brussels, our dedicated team is your partner to become a proactive stakeholder helping you to address relevant issues.  How do we do this?  We provide tailored round-ups of the key issues affecting your organisation so you can:

  • Make the right decision - our EU policy analysts make sure that you receive only the most relevant information
  • Avoid hassle - you'll receive only one daily email with links to the original documents

How can we help your organisation?

DeHavilland provides deep political knowledge and insight so you can:

1. Influence policy

Our services enable you to track and monitor the political landscape so you can identify and communicate with the key politicians and stakeholders who are involved with shaping the policy processes, that are relevant to your agenda.  

2. Make strategic decisions with confidence

Our independent research and analysis of the political environment helps you to identify potential key opportunities and risks, so you can make informed strategic decisions for your organisation.

Why choose DeHavilland?

We offer:

1. Specialist political intelligence, monitoring, research and consulting services

  • We are an information business that delivers premium political intelligence, monitoring, research and consulting services
  • Founded in 1998, we have a track record of delivering a reliable service to public affairs professionals working with corporate, charities, membership organisations and the public sector

2. A premium, bespoke consultative service

  • Our e-alerts deliver live updates on key developments affecting your organisation, so you can focus on acting on the information instead of sourcing it
  • The tagging and indexing of our content expertly links political issues, parliamentary activities and politicians so you can access relevant information and communicate directly with stakeholders through our political contact management system
  • Our fully searchable, online political archive uniquely goes back to 1997 so you can access a wealth of historic material

3. Expertise in UK & EU politics

  • Our editorial and political research teams live and breathe politics which means you'll have dedicated resources who not only understand the broad political environment, but have in-depth sector knowledge too
  • From the entire UK legislature to the EU our team of researchers in London and Brussels help you understand the political environment and give you the support to monitor and shape policy


Visit our testimonials page to see what our clients think about the service we provide. 

Case Study

Click on Download to find out more about how we helped Cemex with their EU political intelligence and EU monitoring.

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