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EU Referendum

Derivatives reforms threaten to realise London's Brexit fears

When it came to disentangling the UK from the European Union, financial services was always going to be a flashpoint. The first shots were fired last week in the guise of reforms to the EU's framework regulation on derivatives – 'EMIR'. Alongside a fairly innocuous legislative proposal, the Commission published a Communication outlining several options for a second proposal in June, which will go to the heart of the question over London's role in the European financial system after Brexit.

Securing international trade agreements: will it be easy post-Brexit?

The UK has a positive attitude about the chances of trade agreements with countries such as Canada, with whom the EU has just signed the CETA agreement. Many British public figures state that forging in-depth trade relationships with international partners will actually be easier once the UK finally leaves the EU. However, the near-collapse of the CETA agreement last month between Canada and the EU begs the question of whether the process will be as straightforward.

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