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Podcast: Brexit – what happens now?

30 June 2016

The British public's vote to leave the European Union turned all certainties on their heads.

Thankfully, DeHavilland’s experts are on hand to make sense of the situation.

In the last week, a Prime Minister has resigned and the Conservative Party has entered into a hotly contested leadership contest, whilst the Labour Party began a protracted coup aimed at removing its own leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

In our latest DeHavilland Despatch podcast, Monitoring Consultant Alaa' Al-Samarrai outlines the formal process by which the UK would leave the EU, by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. 

Meanwhile, Political Analyst Jasmine Mitchell assesses the domestic fallout from the vote, specifically the move for a coup against Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader. As there is no formal process for removing Mr Corbyn, the exercise could be a long and drawn out.

Many sectors will also be asking about the implications of Brexit. DeHavilland’s Monitoring Consultants Vishal Jalota and Jamie Tym examine the likely implications for the financial services and digital sectors respectively. 

Vishal outlines how financial services businesses based in London could fragment operations across other centres around the world. The shaping of the Digital Single Market would miss the prominent voice of the UK tech sector, argues Jamie.

DeHavilland will continue to follow the implications of the EU Referendum result in the weeks and months ahead. Subscribe via RSS or iTunes.

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Mike Indian, Political Consultant
Mike Indian
Political Consultant

Mike Indian is Political Consultant and a member of DeHavilland’s Content team, leading on infrastructure and Scottish affairs. He leads on DeHavilland's dynamic content, specifically videos and podcasts, and regularly appears in the media as a political commentator. A graduate of Lancaster University, he has worked as a freelance journalist.