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DeHavilland's Definitive PeoplePoint

2 December 2014

Our definitive collation of key information on Prospective Parliamentary Candidates continues apace.


More than 1,000 candidates now boast PeoplePoint profiles featuring biographies and key contact information, enabling you to reach out to the people standing in the places that matter.


Our data includes available information from every constituency, covering Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP, Green and nationalist candidates and relevant additional challengers.


We’ve also broken down the target seats for each party to produce handy quicklists for easy access.


Meanwhile, we’re boosting our PPC data by conducting original interviews with candidates of interest, providing unique insight into their policy priorities and preoccupations.

Harry Davies, Editorial Manager
Harry Davies
Editorial Manager

A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, Harry Davies is Editorial Manager at DeHavilland and monitors the UK Parliament and devolved institutions. In the past Harry has interned at the US House of Representatives.