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March Update: Digital

1 March 2019

What's on the agenda this month

by Jacopo Lange, Digital and Technology Policy Executive

Romania Presidency Briefing

March is a month of key votes and debates for the digital and tech sector with the EU Parliament taking the central stage.

On the Plenary of 11th-14th of March, the European Parliament will debate the Cybersecurity Act. On the 25th-28th of March Plenary heavy votes are expected to take place on the Contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods, the Contracts for the supply of digital content and finally the long-awaited vote on the EU Copyright Directive.

Meanwhile, after the awful results from Facebook, Twitter and Google in tackling disinformation and fake news reported in the January Report on the Code of Practice Against Disinformation published on the 28th of February, there are high expectations for the February report (due in late March). The Commission has stated that should this initiative lead to ‘unsatisfactory results’ it may consider introducing regulatory measures in the next legislature.

Finally with the Campaign for the next EU Election watch out for the key topics that may or may not dominate the upcoming legislature digital agenda such as 5G, AI, Cybersecurity and further regulations for Platforms and Social Media.

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Jacopo Lange, Digital Policy Executive
Jacopo Lange
Digital Policy Executive

Jacopo focuses on Digital Economy, Technology, Retail and Education. Before joining DeHavilland he worked as a Blue Book Trainee in DG Trade at the European Commission, and as Project Coordinator for the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK.