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February Update: Agri-Food

1 February 2019

What's on the agenda this month

by Emily Zerling, Agri-Food Policy Executive

Romania Presidency Briefing

The month of February for the agri-food sector will open with a workshop between 5 and 6 February, organised by the Romanian Presidency on sustainable management and agriculture

Find out what else to expect from the Romania Council Presidency in our exclusive briefing.

Furthermore, the DEVE and ENVI Committees will organise a joint-hearing on sustainable development goals (SDGs) on 7 February in preparation of the September 2019 UN Summit to review the SDGs. The hearing will be followed by the presentation of the Joint DEVE-ENVI own-initiative report on SDG implementation. Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans will also be presenting the Commission's Reflection Paper on sustainable development, adopted on 30 January.

On 7 February, researchers will be presenting a study on a comparative analysis of global agricultural policies: lessons for the future CAP, requested by the AGRI Committee. Finally, on 21 February, trade ministers will be holding an informal reunion. 

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Emily Zerling, Health Policy Executive
Emily Zerling
Health Policy Executive

Emily monitors the latest EU developments on health, agriculture, fisheries, animal welfare and international development. She was previously a trainee at the Luxembourg Representation to the EU in Brussels and graduated with a Master’s degree in European Affairs.