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February Update: Financial Services

29 January 2018

After opening with a Green Week, February promises to be a busy month in EU policymaking.

With the Bulgarian Presidency now in full swing, one of its key interests will be under discussion as the Commission publishes a strategy on the accession of Serbia and Montenegro to the EU.

Elsewhere, the Brexit negotiations look likely to continue making headlines as UK domestic tensions threaten the position of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Here, Florian Braeu, DeHavilland EU's Policy Analyst for Financial Services, gives you the lowdown on what to watch out for this February.

What's on the agenda this month

by Florian Braeu, EU Policy Analyst

February will start with the European Commission’s High-Level Group on Sustainable Finance presenting its report. With issues like rising global temperatures and renewable energies high on the EU’s agenda, this report is expected to constitute a key document outlining the financial sector’s role in the fight against climate change.
The Economic and Financial Affairs Council is scheduled to exchange views on the High-Level Group’s recommendations by the end of the month. According to Vice-President Dombrovskis, the Commission will follow with an ambitious Action Plan on sustainable finance in March.
Furthermore, the Commission will publish the EU Company Law package at the end of February. The package is supposed to support businesses with clear, modern and efficient rules with the aim of lowering prices for customers and ensuring the effective functioning of the Single Market.

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Florian Braeu, EU Policy Analyst
Florian Braeu
EU Policy Analyst

Florian is an EU Policy Analyst who works with DeHavilland EU's Financial Services clients. A graduate of Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich and the University of St Andrews, he has previously worked in the office of an MEP and at the German Embassy in Beijing.