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January Update: Financial Services

2 January 2018

A new year means a new country at the helm of the Council of the EU, with Bulgaria taking over the Presidency for its very first six-month term.

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Here, Florian Braeu, DeHavilland EU's Policy Analyst for Financial Services, gives you the lowdown on what to watch out for this January.

What's on the agenda this month

by Florian Braeu, EU Policy Analyst

With the start of the new year, Bulgaria took over the EU Council Presidency from Estonia.
The new presidency is expected to direct its efforts towards the completion of the Banking Union with a focus on reducing the risks in the banking sector and on developing a Capital Markets Union. A key challenge will be to find a compromise on the risk reduction package and make progress on the proposal for the establishment of a European Deposit Guarantee Scheme.
After the Christmas break, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council will meet to discuss the deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union on the 23rd.
Meanwhile in Parliament, a vote on the automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation (DAC 6) is scheduled for the 24th and the ECON committee will be discussing the European Supervisory Authorities review package on the same day.

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Florian Braeu, EU Policy Analyst
Florian Braeu
EU Policy Analyst

Florian is an EU Policy Analyst who works with DeHavilland EU's Financial Services clients. A graduate of Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich and the University of St Andrews, he has previously worked in the office of an MEP and at the German Embassy in Beijing.