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January Update: Health and Pharmaceuticals

3 January 2018

A new year means a new country at the helm of the Council of the EU, with Bulgaria taking over the Presidency for its very first six-month term.

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Here, Anna Krouskou, DeHavilland EU's Policy Analyst for Health and Pharmaceuticals, gives you the lowdown on what to watch out for this January.

What's on the agenda this month

by Anna Krouskou, EU Policy Analyst

According to the policy programme of the incoming Bulgarian Presidency, it will endeavour to keep the dialogue open on the pricing of medicines and will work on the adoption of conclusions on a healthy diet for children.
The priorities of the Presidency are to be presented on the 18th of January, during the joint meeting of the Working Party on Public Health and the Working Party on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.
Meanwhile, on the 11th, ITRE MEPs are to debate a draft opinion on antimicrobial resistance, and on the 31st, the Commission is to adopt a new initiative around strengthening EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessment.

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Anna Krouskou, EU Policy Analyst
Anna Krouskou
EU Policy Analyst

Anna Krouskou is an EU Policy Analyst at DeHavilland EU. A graduate of the University of Athens and the London School of Economics and Political Science, she has previous experience working at Ketchum and the EU Council.