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July Update: Energy and Environment

2 July 2018

What's on the agenda this month

by Darius Mikulenas, EU Policy Analyst

The upcoming Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union will focus on ensuring the interconnectivity, resilience and climate-friendliness of the EU energy sector. It will seek to progress with negotiations on Directive and Regulation on the internal market for electricity, finalise the ACER Regulation, and progress in negotiations on the Regulation on risk preparedness in the electricity sector.

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As the institutions prepare for the summer recess, work is being wound down and proposals are in their final stages. On Circular Economy, the ENVI Committee will hold its first exchange on the proposal on the reduction of impact of certain plastic products in August. 

Both the Parliament and the Council are expected to vote on the interinsitutional agreements on some of the proposals comprising the Clean Energy for All mid-September. 

The Plenary will also take a vote on notification to the Commission of investment projects in energy infrastructure within the European Union in September as well. Looking further ahead, the Commission expects to present the long-term EU strategy for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in November.

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Darius Mikulenas, Transport Policy Executive
Darius Mikulenas
Transport Policy Executive

Darius Mikulenas leads on the Transport, Security and Defence portfolio for the DeHavilland EU team. Darius has experience working with an industry association representing the Waste-to-Energy sector in Brussels.