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March Update: Agri-Food

1 March 2019

What's on the agenda this month

by Emily Zerling, Agri-Food Policy Executive

Romania Presidency Briefing

The month of March for the Agri-food sector will open with a presentation during the AGRI Committee on the “impacts of the digital economy on the food-chain and the CAP” as well as a public hearing on “Evolution of the performance framework in the Common Agriculture Policy” on 4 March.

On 11 and 12 March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Europe branch will be organising a workshop on Improving dietary intake and achieving food product improvement to exchange experience and identify wider policy implications for the WHO European Region.

Furthermore, on 13 March, there will be a debate during the European Parliament plenary on the proposal on unfair trading practices in business-to-business relationships in the food supply chain as well as a vote on the proposal on the definition, presentation and labelling of spirit drinks and protection of geographical indications thereof. Finally, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council will take place on 18 March.

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Emily Zerling, Health Policy Executive
Emily Zerling
Health Policy Executive

Emily monitors the latest EU developments on health, agriculture, fisheries, animal welfare and international development. She was previously a trainee at the Luxembourg Representation to the EU in Brussels and graduated with a Master’s degree in European Affairs.