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November in Brussels: What's on the horizon

3 November 2016

Financial Services

If the Commission sticks to its plans, then November is set to be a bumper month for financial services, with major legislative proposals on business insolvency and CCP resolution on the agenda. Added to this will be much-anticipated amendments to the EU's capital requirements framework for banks.

Meanwhile Finance Ministers will begin examining the comprehensive package of proposals on corporate taxation tabled by the Commission last month, and MEPs will attempt to move forward their work on the European Deposit Insurance Scheme and the securitisation package.

Energy and Environment

The end of November will see the publication of much expected initiatives on the governance framework of the Energy Union strategy aimed at helping to ensure the EU meets its energy policy goals, on a revised energy market design and on energy efficiency and renewables. The Commission is also expected to report back on the implementation of the Energy Union strategy through its second 'State of the Energy Union'.

The Council and the Parliament will also start informal negotiations on the energy security package and aim to finalise discussions on the revised energy efficiency labelling framework.

Finally, the Parliament will hold a major vote to endorse an agreement with the Council on the proposal for a revised National Emissions Ceilings Directive.


The aviation sector is expected to start receiving some clarity about the EASA basic regulation review. Next month’s Transport Council is set to have their first formal meeting time during the Slovak Presidency, and is expected to reach a general approach on the proposal. Transport ministers may also turn to the progress report on the stalled proposal for Regulation on the protection against subsidisation and unfair pricing practices.

Meanwhile, the EMIS Committee will continue its work with new hearings, while the report on the Market Surveillance and Type-Approval proposal is expected to be adopted at the end of November.

As for the maritime sector, there will be developments related to the Passenger Ship Safety Package, with the Transport Council expected to discuss progress so far and adopt a general approach on the entire package.

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Technology and Telecoms

The Commission continues to unfold further initiatives under its Digital Single Market strategy this month, as it is expected to present a VAT package, which will include initiatives on e-commerce, e-publications and e-books, at the end of November. The new package aims to address obstacles faced by businesses when trading cross-border due to differing VAT regimes. Another package initially planned for November, on the data economy, has now been pushed back to January. 

Meanwhile, the Council and Parliament will continue work on ongoing legislative files. In particular, the Competition Council is expected to discuss the proposal on cross-border portability, and will receive information from the Slovak Presidency at the end of the month.

Health and Life Sciences

October saw the Commission publishing its evaluation of the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Action Plan (2011-2016), as well as a Roadmap on a One-Health Action Plan to support Member States in the fight against AMR. Health Commissioner Andriukaitis announced at a conference a second Action Plan in this area, which will be published until the end of November.

In November, the Commission is also set to publish the "Health at a Glance: Europe 2016" report, prepared in cooperation with the OECD, and will also issue new guidelines for the assessment of the validity and reliability of mHealth data. Meanwhile, ENVI MEPs are scheduled to receive a presentation by Mr Guido Rasi, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency. 

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