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November Update: Financial Services

26 October 2017

A fast-moving time in the Brussels year, November opens with a Green Week and public holidays before getting down to business with serious policy discussion.

The Estonian Presidency continues to make its mark with a range of events and initiatives, but leaders are already looking ahead to next year following the publication of the 2018 European Commission Work Programme.

Meanwhile, the Brexit negotiations will enter a more pressured phase as the UK seeks to overcome the impasse that  threatens to damage domestic economic prospects.

Here, Alex Boxell, DeHavilland EU's Senior Policy Analyst for Financial Services, gives you the lowdown on what to watch out for this November.

What's on the agenda this month

by Alex Boxell, Senior EU Policy Analyst

Ministers will kick off November with a first ECOFIN Council discussion on strengthening the EU's supervisory powers.
Meanwhile, with the Commission finally giving up hope of any further progress on its bank structural reform proposal, work will step up on the risk reduction package, after one proposal, on the insolvency hierarchy, was agreed in trilogue at the end of October.
Towards the end of the month the Commission is organising a public hearing on European corporate bond markets to help it finalise a new initiative.
We also expect the next round of proposals on the EU's VAT system, including specific proposals on combatting fraud and on helping SMEs.

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Alex Boxell, Customer Engagement Manager
Alex Boxell
Customer Engagement Manager

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