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October Update: Energy and Environment

3 October 2018

What's on the agenda this month

by Matteo Panizzardi, Energy Policy Executive

In October, the Commission will release the 2019 Commission Work Programme setting out its action plan for last 12 months of its mandate. On Energy and Climate Change policy, the most anticipated part of the Work Programme is the Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction, which will likely take the form of a Communication. The Communication is expected to be released in November.

In the European Parliament and Council, co-legislators will continue their efforts to move forward the remaining legislative proposals of the Clean Energy for all Europeans package. On 9 October, the ITRE Committee will be debriefed on ongoing interinstitutional negotiations on the Revised Electricity Directive and Regulation.

With regards to environmental policy, October will see a myriad of votes take place at the Committee and Plenary stages. For those interested in the circular economy, 10 October will be a date not to miss as the ENVI Committee will vote on the draft Report on a Proposal for a Directive on the reduction of the impact of single use plastics on the environment.

Furthermore, at the Plenary session on 22 October, the Parliament will vote on the Proposals on the reduction of impact of single use plastic on the environment, reporting obligations in the field of environmental policy, revision of the Regulation on Persistent Organic Pollutants and on the revision of the Drinking Water Directive

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Matteo Panizzardi, Energy Policy Executive
Matteo Panizzardi
Energy Policy Consultant

Matteo leads on the Energy, environment and Climate portfolio. He was previously a Blue Book Trainee at the The Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission.