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September in Brussels: The start of a new season

30 August 2017

​August holidays are drawing to an end and politicians and policy professionals are returning to the office for a busy Autumn season. With a new month beginning, the agenda is looking full across the board.

The Estonian Presidency, now entering its third month, has already established some of its key priorities, but there's plenty more to do yet in 2017. Learn more about its objectives with DeHavilland EU's special briefing featuring everything you need to know. 

But for the latest in each key sector as September begins, DeHavilland EU's expert Policy Analysts have the details.

Financial Services

September tends to start slowly as Brussels rouses itself after the long summer break, but the prospect of intensifying Brexit talks will focus the minds of weary politicians. The legislative agenda has already begun to reflect the new reality, and a major focus will be the proposal to grant ESMA more powers over CCPs, which aims to tackle London's dominance of the euro clearing market.

Negotiations on the new capital requirements package for banks also continue apace, with MEPs set to vote on one of the proposals this month. Trilogue negotiations on the money laundering proposal are reaching a critical phase, and Member States will try to lay the ground for a final agreement before the end of the year. With the MiFID 2 deadline looming in January, the Commission will also hold an implementation workshop on the 26th.

Energy and Environment

The Estonian Presidency turns its focus to energy issues this month with a High-Level Conference on Europe's Future Electricity Market, to be held on 19 September. European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete will deliver his views on progress made on the Clean Energy Package energy market proposals and discuss the next steps.

The ITRE and ENVI Committees in the European Parliament will both be convening this month, with ITRE confirming its plans to consider amendments on the topics of energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy. Elsewhere, REGI has already announced an exchange of views on implementing COP21 on 7 September - part of  the EU's efforts to get on with the job of addressing emissions levels despite international controversy around the status of the deal.

Elsewhere, in infrastructure-related news, ENTSO-E will be convening stakeholders on 8 September for the second of three special committee meetings dedicated to the implementation of Network Codes and Guidelines.


Work is slowly ramping up across the Transport policy spectrum after the Summer break. Final touches are being made to the Ship Safety package by the Council and a vote in the Parliament is expected in October. The automotive sector is still heavily focused on the topic of emissions. In October, the Parliament will vote on the European Strategy for Low ­Emission Mobility, while a vote on the report on the proposal on CO2 emissions from and fuel consumption of new heavy duty vehicles is expected in February 2018.

Meanwhile, the aviation sector is closely following Brexit developments. At the same time, work is in full swing on amending rules for the operation of air services in the Community, with a draft report expected in early September.

Digital and Technology

As September begins, work continues on key files such as the copyright packagetelecommunications reform and ePrivacy. Votes in the lead and opinion Parliament Committees are taking place this month on the former two, while the Rapporteur for the ePrivacy Regulation faces the tough job of processing the several hundred amendments before the set voting date mid-October. Discussions on these files will also continue at Council Working Party level, and the trilogue meetings on the geo-blocking regulation and the revised audiovisual media services directive are also picking up again, with no quick agreement in sight.

The Commission is expected to present its reviewed cybersecurity strategy and the mandate of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) in mid-September. At the end of the month the Estonian Presidency will play host to a Digital Summit in Talinn, which aims to serve as a platform for launching high-level discussions on plans for digital innovation.


This September, the World Health Organisation Regional Committee for Europe will be meeting for three days in Budapest to discuss key topical issues including development goals, access to medicines and progress towards implementing the European action plans on harmful alcohol use, food and nutrition and mental health.

On 4 September, the ENVI Committee will tackle the hot contemporary topic of antimicrobial resistance with a special one-day workshop. Speakers include Dr Danilo Lo Fo Wong of the World Health Organisation and DG SANTE Deputy Director-General Martin Seychell.

What's on your agenda? 

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