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Understand Brexit from every angle with DeHavilland

20 February 2018

Brexit might mean Brexit, but uncovering the facts behind the soundbites is a full-time job.

From first pronouncements to latest complexities, DeHavilland's resident Brexit experts are here to help you understand, react and plan ahead.

Our range of dedicated in-depth briefings is designed to clarify the debate by cutting through to the key issues.

For further information about how our bespoke political monitoring service can help you mitigate risks and discover new opportunities as the UK pursues Brexit, get in touch today.

Future Customs Arrangements

A new paper setting out proposals for a future customs relationship with the EU was unveiled by the UK Government in August 2017 in the first of a series of papers on the UK’s future partnership with the EU. Our briefing outlines the Government's key objectives and stakeholder reactions.


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​Essential Brexit Position Papers

As Brexit negotiations grew more detailed and urgent in the summer of 2017, the UK Government began publishing a series of Position Papers setting out its intentions for a range of different policy areas impacted by the decision to leave the EU. In this briefing, DeHavilland's Monitoring Consultants highlight the key points contained in four of these essential Brexit publications, including Opposition, EU and stakeholder reactions.

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Devolution and Brexit

The process of implementing Brexit spells constitutional confusion. Caught in the middle of this modern muddle are the devolved nations of the UK. So how do Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland stand to benefit from Brexit, and how could they lose out?


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EU Withdrawal Bill in the Lords

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, formerly known as the "Great Repeal Bill", is an essential step in enacting Brexit, transposing the body of EU law into UK statute in preparation for leaving. After a stormy passage through the House of Commons, in January 2018 the Bill commenced consideration in the House of Lords, where the Government faced a fight against determined opposition. DeHavilland's updated briefing outlines the key debates and explains what to expect in the coming weeks.

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Brexit Phase 2 Webinar

On Thursday 15 February 2018, DeHavilland's Brexit experts presented an exclusive live webinar. Monitoring Consultant Rachel Marnick and Political Analyst John McStravick joined Head of Service Arran Russell for a special discussion on the current Brexit state of play and the biggest issues to watch in the next 12 months. The team discussed key issues, including future trade, likely areas of compromise, domestic legislative impact and internal Government divisions.

Now, we've made the whole Brexit Phase 2 webinar available for you to watch again. The online video features our 30-minute audio presentation plus accompanying slides.

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Rachel Marnick, Monitoring Consultant
Rachel Marnick
Monitoring Consultant

Rachel Marnick provides political monitoring and research services to DeHavilland’s business and industry clients. Rachel graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA in Geography and Politics and has an MA International Studies and Diplomacy from SOAS. Before joining DeHavilland, she worked at Cancer Research UK, and the Conservative International Office. In her spare time Rachel is learning Arabic.