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7 December 2016
DeHavilland EU is looking for an EU Policy Reporter in Brussels to extend our network of freelance journalists.
1 December 2016
After an eventful 2016, December in Brussels has plenty more in store before the holiday break. Read DeHavilland EU's sector-by-sector guide.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
30 November 2016
Last week’s inaugural 2016 EuroPAwards, presented by DeHavilland EU, once again highlighted the commitment and vibrancy of the European public affairs community in Brussels.
28 November 2016
Safety is at the heart of the aviation industry, which is why air travel maintains its status as one of the safest modes of transport. It is easier and more affordable than ever to travel by air, and traffic is expected to double in the next 20 years, but such transformation requires a proactive approach in order to maintain the high levels of safety we currently enjoy.
Tags: aviation, easa, safety
15 November 2016
Much of the European Parliament's ECON Committee's attention last week was given to the ongoing work of the Basel Committee on the 'Basel IV' reforms – the capital requirements standards for banks set by the global regulatory community. Despite the dry, technical nature of the subject matter, the discussions have even made it into the media in recent months, notably when European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis stated over the summer that the EU may reject the Basel standards altogether – seen as a surprisingly strong statement.
4 November 2016
The UK has a positive attitude about the chances of trade agreements with countries such as Canada, with whom the EU has just signed the CETA agreement. Many British public figures state that forging in-depth trade relationships with international partners will actually be easier once the UK finally leaves the EU. However, the near-collapse of the CETA agreement last month between Canada and the EU begs the question of whether the process will be as straightforward.
3 November 2016
November brings a packed policy agenda to Brussels, as the Council and Parliament debate a number of iniatives impacting financial services, energy, health, transport, and technology. Find out more in our latest blog post.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
2 November 2016
As the EU is expected to deliver 90% of its Energy Union strategy by the end of this year, its level of ambition on energy efficiency is now questioned by a wide range of actors. The time when Energy and Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete said that it is one of the most cost effective means to improve energy security and economic competitiveness, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make energy more affordable for consumers now seems to have long gone.
2 November 2016
DeHavilland is delighted to announce that this November, we will be headline sponsor of the first ever European Public Affairs Awards.
1 November 2016
The official line in Europe is that Brexit is unequivocally bad for the bloc as a whole, but is this true for individual Member States? Short of platitudes about "making the best of it" and viewing it as "an opportunity rather than a crisis", there has not yet been much public speculation over who could emerge as (relative) winners.
Tags: EU, Brexit