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11 October 2016
As Brexit talks begin to take shape, countries that will take part in them are realising that it will not be easy to complete negotiations unscathed. 
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30 September 2016
Financial services
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
27 September 2016
It's hard to have a discussion in Brussels at the moment without Brexit rearing its head, and this week's meeting of the European Parliament's ECON Committee was no exception. The occasion was the regular appearance of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi before MEPs to discuss monetary policy. His hearing was preceded by a presentation from the EU's financial watchdogs, and neither session could avoid the issue that currently preoccupies the EU.
21 September 2016
EU Digital Week kicks off this year in Bratislava on 26 September. Industry and policy makers will discuss key development affecting digital and technology policy.
20 September 2016
EU leaders last Friday gathered in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava on the invitation of Prime Minister Robert Fico to discuss the “future of the European Union”, together with European Council President Donald Tusk, who chaired the meeting, and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.
16 September 2016
Following the State of the Union address from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to the European Parliament, DeHavilland has published a blog post on PubAffairs putting the speech in context. 
15 September 2016
Meet the new European Commissioner for the Security Union, British diplomat Sir Julian King.
7 September 2016
With Slovakia at the reins of the Presidency and Brussels returning to work after the long summer break, the policy agenda is looking packed for the coming month. The DeHavilland EU Team has gathered together the key issues to watch out for in September.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
5 September 2016
Discover DeHavilland's in-depth briefings analysing the impact of Brexit across a range of key sectors.
17 August 2016
The much-anticipated reform of the EU’s telecoms rules is expected to be tabled in mid-September. This blog looks at the review’s main objective and at a discussion point on which telecoms and internet companies find themselves on opposing sides.