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30 October 2015
As the European Parliament's Special Tax Committee finishes its work, DeHavilland EU looks at what has actually been achieved, one year after the LuxLeaks scandal.
29 October 2015
As the need to respond to the refugee crisis mounts, the EU will need to overcome its inherent institutional and national divisions not only to provide shelter but also to secure its future. 
28 October 2015
As the European Commission sets out the EU's policy agenda for the coming year, DeHavilland EU looks at how Jean-Claude Juncker has kept the work programme focused, and provides coverage of the reaction from MEPs.
14 October 2015
Ahead of tomorrow's European Council summit, pressure is growing on British Prime Minister David Cameron to present an clear list of demands in his EU renegotiation.
6 October 2015
While new reporting obligations are set to enter into force on 7 October, it is not the only challenge energy traders will be facing in a near future.
5 October 2015
Proposals on copyright reform are expected to be the first concrete initiative to come out of the Digital Single Market strategy. What has the Commission got planned?
Author: James Sibley
21 September 2015
The Commission has launched a new consultation on EU audiovisual policy in an attempt to retune its approach - but is it just noise?
Author: James Sibley
16 September 2015
In the run up to Sunday's snap general election in Greece, what are the current predictions and the state of the political scene?
Author: Annie Scanlan
10 September 2015
Juncker's response to Europe's mounting migration crisis receives mixed reactions from Parliamentarians and international actors. 
7 September 2015
The European Parliament last week held its first formal debate on the UK's planned referendum on EU membership. MEPs questioned experts about the constitutional situation and the likelihood of a 'Brexit by accident'.