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1 September 2015
As the European Parliament returns from its summer recess this week, DeHavilland EU previews the policy highlights of the next few months.
Author: Annie Scanlan
10 August 2015
European plans for Energy Union will require enhanced EU-wide governance to succeed - but what is the Commission planning? Read EU Policy Analyst Alexis Thuau's blog on what lies ahead.
6 August 2015
The UK is set to be the first Member State to ever hold a referendum on continuing membership of the European Union - but are other countries going to follow suit, or is this an isolated phenomenon?
8 July 2015
The 'Summer Package' is the Commission's first step towards the implementation of the Energy Union strategy and the achievement of the 2030 climate and energy targets. Read EU Policy Analyst Alexis Thuau's blog on what's coming up next week.
3 July 2015
Discussions on the best approach to EU aviation policy continue, with an EESC hearing seeing stakeholders and the European Commission told to focus on the bigger picture. Read EU Policy Analyst James Sibley's blog on Thursday's hearing.
1 July 2015
The 1 July marks the start of a new Presidency of the Council of the EU, but how far will Luxembourg achieve its aims and progress EU policy?
Author: Annie Scanlan
29 June 2015
David Cameron's presentation on EU reform at last week's European Council summit was overshadowed by bigger issues - but what did we learn about his strategy?
11 June 2015
Financial services stakeholders gathered in Brussels this week to discuss the next steps for the Capital Markets Union with the European Commission. Read EU Policy Analyst Alex Boxell's blog on Monday's Public Hearing.
5 June 2015
After an exciting period of growth, we are recruiting for an experienced EU Parliamentary Freelance Reporter to extend our network in Brussels.
26 May 2015
In trying to steer a middle ground, the Commission's response to human smuggling faces criticism from all sides.