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6 March 2017
What's happening in the European institutions this March? DeHavilland EU's expert Policy Analysts help you get up to speed.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
1 March 2017
Donald Trump’s election as the new US President and his ‘colourful’ statements have left many aviation stakeholders speculating about the direction the presidency will take.
Tags: aviation, US
23 February 2017
After one month of the new US administration, we survey the potential effects on financial services regulation
9 February 2017
After an exciting period of growth, DeHavilland is looking for a Business Development Manager and a Client Development Manager to join our London Commercial team.
6 February 2017
While the European Parliament is set to adopt its position on the waste proposals during the second Plenary session of March, the Council is still struggling to find a common approach, in particular with regards to the reduction targets for landfilling and packaging.
6 February 2017
February is looking busy in Brussels. To keep you up to date with everything that's going on, DeHavilland EU Policy Analysts highlight the most important events taking place this month.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
1 February 2017
The UK Government's long-awaited "Brexit Bill" was debated in the House of Commons for the first time on 31 January and 1 February. Read DeHavilland's handy summary of the key points in this crucial political event.
Author: The DeHavilland Content Team
10 January 2017
DeHavilland EU looks at some of the challenges facing Malta, which took on the rotating Presidency of the Council this month.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
6 January 2017
2017 is kicking off with plenty on the political agenda. Read DeHavilland EU's sector-by-sector guide to the upcoming events you need to know about.
Author: The DeHavilland EU Team
21 December 2016
2016 was the most eventful year in recent political history. At the end of a year marked by the threat of terror and uncertainty in the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote, DeHavilland EU takes a look back over some of the key moments and how we covered them.