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Political Group Coordinators

27 February 2017

Each political group in the European Parliament designates one of its MEPs to act as 'coordinator' on any particular Committee.

Juncker Commission Organogram

5 January 2017

This one-page chart lists that Juncker Commission along with pictures, portfolio, and Head of Cabinet. For full profiles of all European Commissioners and details of their cabinets, please see DeHavilland EU’s PeoplePoint site.


REFIT Evaluations

9 August 2016

This briefing provides an overview of the REFIT evaluation procedure – or so-called Fitness Check – used by the European Commission to streamline EU legislation.


Political Group Leaderships

28 January 2016

Click here for a list of leaders and deputies for all the political groups in the European Parliament. For profiles of all MEPs, please see DeHavilland EU’s PeoplePoint site.


Court of Justice of the EU

28 November 2015

This short guide introduces the EU's court system, and explains its power and the kinds of cases that it deals with.

Budget Chart

EU Budgetary Procedure

28 October 2015

This briefing explores the EU budget procedure in depth, explaining the procedure, common terminology, and practical affects.


Delegated and implementing acts

28 August 2015

This briefing provides an overview of Delegated and Implementing Acts, which are increasingly becoming a crucial part of EU policy-making.

The Ordinary Legislative Procedure

28 August 2015

This guide provides an overview of the main process (formerly called 'co-decision') used by the EU to adopt legislation, including the powers and responsibilities of the main institutions, a step-by-step overview of the procedure, and guidance on engagement with decision-makers.


The Council of the EU

28 June 2015

This briefing gives an introduction to the Council, the most opaque of the three key EU institutions. It looks at its role in the legislative process, and how it interacts with its co-legislator, the European Parliament.