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In Focus

2020 Commission Work Programme briefing

30 January 2020

On 29 January, the European Commission adopted its 2020 Work Programme. It covers six headline ambitions and sets out proposals under them, ranging from artificial intelligence and the streamlining of TEN-E, to a cancer plan, and enhancing accession.

Here at DeHavilland, we have pulled out key proposals, timelines for action, and looked at what the von der Leyen Commission plans to carry over from the previous Commission Work Programme.

Croatian Presidency Briefing: January - June 2020

7 January 2020

This policy briefing provides the essentials of what to expect from Croatia as it takes on its first every Presidency of the Council of the EU, including its priorities, the major players, and the influence they are likely to pursue in their position as the Chair. Furthermore, in this briefing we provide in-depth policy analysis of each Council configuration.

Meet the Commission: The new College 2019-2024

20 November 2019

On 10 September, President-elect of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen published her final list of Commissioners and which portfolio she wished to see them adopt. Her proposed team has now undergone a process of scrutiny before being allowed to take up their positions for the next five years.

This updated briefing will examine some of the controversy surrounding the appointment of the new College and introduce each of the Commissioners, their personal background, and some policy stances - including the new Romanian, Hungarian, and French nominees.

Ursula von der Leyen - President of the European Commission

18 July 2019

DeHavilland has produced a briefing summarising and analysing Ursula von der Leyen's positions on a number of key policy areas including Financial Services, Digital, Transport, and Energy. This briefing also explores her personal background, previous policy statements, and what she is likely to pursue during her Presidency over the next five years.

Finland Presidency Briefing

1 July 2019

DeHavilland EU has produced a briefing containing explanations of the Presidency, the Trio and the national and European contexts of Finland's tenure leading the Council. Following the publication of their Presidency Programme, DeHavilland Policy Executives have undertaken sector-specific analysis of the various policy announcements.

European Parliament Elections 2019: Country by country breakdown

3 June 2019

Between the 23rd and 26th of May 2019, elections were held across all member states of the European Union in order to establish the makeup of the 2019-24 European Parliament.

In this briefing, the DeHavilland service team have produced a breakdown and analysis of how each country voted and the implications of this.

European Parliament Elections 2019 Data Insights: People, parties and projections

16 May 2019

Between the 23rd and 26th of May 2019, elections are to be held across all member states of the European Union in order to establish the makeup of the 2019-24 European Parliament.

The result of the elections will, of course, influence the direction the European Union takes for the next 5-year period.

In light of this, DeHavilland has undertaken research into whether MEPs who sat in the 2014-19 Parliament are seeking re-election and how that may affect the upcoming Parliament.

European Parliament Elections 2019: Manifesto Comparison

29 April 2019

DeHavilland has produced the following briefing containing analysis on the manifestos of the four main political parties - the EPP, PES, ALDE, and the Greens.

European Parliament Elections 2019: Ones to watch

16 April 2019

DeHavilland has produced a briefing with profiles of 12 key candidates running in May's elections. We have all the major political groups covered, with information about the dozen's political lives, interests, and personal background.

Essential Briefings

Disinformation and Digital Taxation

15 June 2019

The outgoing EU Parliament has been involved in massive overhauling of the digital single market. Numerous proposals have been brought forward and completed, in the aim to make the EU Single Market fit for the digital age, by bearing down on unnecessary regulatory barriers and creating common standards between the member states.

Despite these successes, there are still numerous challenges ahead. In particular, the EU is still engulfed in a clash over regulating tech companies in two key areas: disinformation and taxation.

Sustainable Finance

15 June 2019

Sustainability in finance – and considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues before investing – has gained traction in the last decade. In 2015, the need for this to happen on a larger scale was formally recognised with the adoption of the UN 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. The Paris Agreement, in particular, includes the commitment to align financial flows with a pathway towards low-carbon and climate-resilient development.

Carbon Pricing

15 June 2019

The importance of climate change in the May 2019 European elections has seen the revitalisation of the debate around carbon pricing policy in the EU. Ahead of the European elections European political parties and politicians have voiced their policy preferences on how the EU should price carbon. The considerable victory of green parties across Europe have given the Greens/European Free Alliance (EFA) Group in the European Parliament new found strength with which to propose more ambitious policies on carbon pricing.

EP Elections 2019: EPP Manifesto - “Let’s open the next chapter for Europe together”

9 April 2019

The European People's Party have published their manifesto for the 2019 European Parliament Elections entitled “Let’s open the next chapter for Europe together”.

European Parliament Elections 2019: Spitzenkandidat Nominees

9 April 2019

DeHavilland has provided a biographical briefing of the major Spitzenkandidaten. 

European Parliament Elections 2019: Election Guide

9 April 2019

DeHavilland has produced a guide on the upcoming European Parliament Elections - including what is expected to happen and how Brexit may affect the outcome.

EP Elections 2019: PES Manifesto - A New Social Contract for Europe

25 February 2019

The Party of European Socialists have published their manifesto for the 2019 European Parliament Elections entitled A New Social Contract for Europe.

Briefing: Romanian Presidency of the EU 2019

15 January 2019

DeHavilland EU has produced a briefing on the Romanian Presidency, with an exclusive foreword from Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu.