Cemex is a multinational building materials company operating strategically in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Cemex has significant share of the cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete market, as well as products in the roof tile, rail sleepers and concrete-block sectors with more than 41,000 employees worldwide.

As one of the world’s leading global building materials supply companies Cemex works at local, National and International level with government bodies, NGOs and other interested parties across a broad spectrum of issues, from legislation to sustainability, working in the community to distribution. Such a broad remit means Cemex remains closely engaged with the progress of Parliamentary bills across both Houses in the UK and with European Institutions such as, the Commission, Parliament and member states.

How we help Cemex

  1. Vital updates
    DeHavilland provides vital daily updates enabling Cemex to keep on top of the big issues. Cemex requires the latest and most accurate information about key politicians, political imperatives and forthcoming legislation. With over 500 locations across the UK business alone, Cemex also needs to disseminate information effectively and quickly throughout the organisation and to make sure that action points are taken forward by the right person on a UK or European level. That’s where DeHavilland comes in. 
  2. UK and EU delivery 
    Cemex chose DeHavilland because of the up-to-date information the service provided. Our prompt daily delivery and the database of politicians with contacts and background biographies, whether in the UK or EU is vital for Cemex. 
  3. Big picture industry information
    The public affairs team at Cemex need to keep fully appraised of the big picture when it comes to the myriad of issues impacting Cemex on both the national and international stage. On a daily basis Cemex receives information on their industry and the issues that matter to them, which helps them to build their strategy and fill in any gaps.

  4. Tracking influencers
    Cemex uses DeHavilland to keep track of day-to-day politics and policy and identify legislation and politicians influencing the debates on a European level. When Cemex is alerted to pertinent information from DeHavilland it will move into action. Cemex has been delighted with the evolution of DeHavilland’s European contact database through our PeoplePoint feature and use it to track engagement with relevant politicians and influencers. 

I use DeHavilland every day and cannot over-emphasise the value to a company like ours. DeHavilland provides supporting information which is fundamental to us. The reports provided have been exceptionally helpful and the service is excellent, timely and vital to our business.
Martin Casey
Director Public Affairs Europe

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