The European Banking Federation (EBF) is a trade association representing the interests of the European banking sector. Within the association are 32 European banking associations representing just under 6,000 banks in the EU and the EFTA.

The EBF Policy team have worked with DeHavilland EU for six years to receive the most relevant and up-to-date information on the policy areas that impact them.

How we help the EBF 

DeHavilland spoke with Blazej Blasikiewicz, Director of Legal, International and Public Affairs and Pablo Galvez Roldan, Policy Advisor - Public Affairs to ask the benefits they feel DeHavilland provide them and how our services help their work. 

  1. Timely and efficient information
    DeHavilland provide us with bespoke reporting on the most pressing policy areas such as the banking package (implementing Basel III, the Capital Requirements Directive etc).
  2. Reliable sourcing
    DeHavilland provides us with the most relevant information concerning the EU developments and the flies being developed at the EU level. 
  3. Events 
    Keeping up to date with the financial service regulations being discussed in Brussels is a key element of the service DeHavilland provides, and something that EBF values immensely. From regular updates on MEPs to weekly updates on stakeholder events, DeHavilland enables EBF to plan our stakeholder engagement swiftly and successfully. 


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