Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) is the domestic and international voice of the banks operating in and out of Liechtenstein. It is one of the country's most significant associations and plays a key role in the successful development of the financial centre. As a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF), the European Payments Council (EPC) and the European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum (EPFSF), the LBA is a member of key committees at the European level and plays an active role in the European legislation process. 

 How we help LBA 

  1. Comprehensive, well prepared and presented monitoring information
    In order to recognise international trends at an early stage, LBA constantly monitors legal developments both in the EU/EEA area and worldwide. DeHavilland's broad range of reports and services offered, the structured information analysis and comprehensive, but nevertheless user-friendly presentation of the relevant information is a key asset to the LBA team. The regulator monitoring information serves in particular to provide ongoing up-to-date information to all team colleagues as well as to the member banks in the various LBA working groups regarding the status quo of the legal acts/proposals at EU level, forward-looking implementation planning, and material analysis of regulatory requirements.
  2. Bespoke service and customized reports
    As part of the issue management and regulatory monitoring, LBA created a "Regulatory Radar", which is a chart containing all legal acts already in force at EU level as well as legislative proposals relevant to banks, updated on the basis of DeHavilland information, supplemented by information on the status quo of the EEA incorporation (since this is the prerequisite for application within the EEA). In the area of lobbying, the DeHavilland Alerts on the parliamentary process as well as the "Peoples Update" are particularly helpful in order to be able to address the responsible persons directly or to assess how legislative proposals are developing in the political process. 
DeHavilland documents contain a well structured and comprehensive overview of current information on all relevant legal acts and legislative proposals at EU level and the related developments within the EU institutions. We have evaluated and compared different service providers and can note without limitation, that DeHavilland is a reliable and very valuable service partner.
Dr Anneka Beccarelli
LBA Tax and Legal Team

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