MCS is an industry-led quality assurance scheme for renewable energy products and installation companies. MCS certification demonstrates that a company installs or manufactures to the industry-expected level of quality every time. MCS: Microgeneration Certification Scheme – a Government-created charity foundation – is the sole shareholder in MCS.


How we help MCS

  1. An unrivalled online platform 
    David values the DeHavilland online platform because it’s intuitive. It’s easy to find information – easily navigable and logical. He uses it for major mailshots to MPs, and to create groups so he can track contact and progress between his team and MPs and Lords. 
  2. Credible team of experts 
    MCS works in a niche area of domestic renewable energy. DeHavilland are set up for niche with our team: we have energy experts who are also policy and politics experts. The team at DeHavilland are MCS’s extra pair of hands. Providing 1-2-1 expertise, always there for a quick response.   
  3. Excellent resource and wealth of information  The daily alerts are imperative for MCS. They need to know who’s saying what on which issues. Automated reports are great for key search words and our systems produce relevant information for MCS.  Alerts tell MCS what’s happening in and around their territory, whether that’s events, debates or Select Committee inquiries. We provide summaries and links to transcripts for Committees that sometimes, for some people, go under the radar.  
  4. Stakeholder management tools  
    MCS needs to know which Members of Parliament are asking the questions, making the case, getting involved. The quality information that MCS needs is all on the DeHavilland online platform – MP profiles, their background, which groups they are aligned with, which Committees they sit on. We help MCS to find the connection points and alignments to further their cause.  

When you’re busy it’s just vital. It’s invaluable. The quality of the staff behind the systems is second to none. It’s the personalised service and the quality of the people – that’s what makes DeHavilland so successful.
David Cowdrey
Director of External Affairs

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