Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, energy, financial services and healthcare – it has the broadest range of policy and political interests of any DeHavilland client. It’s work covers anything and everything from creating resource-efficient factories and resilient supply chains to smarter buildings and grids. From cleaner and more comfortable transportation to advanced-technology healthcare. Siemens is technology with purpose. It employs 293,000 people globally, with global revenue reported to be €55.3 billion. 

How we help Siemens

  1. Breadth and depth
    Siemens has a network of Government affairs professionals across its businesses. The breadth and depth of our expertise and policy analysis – pharma, financial services, health, infrastructure, transport, energy, manufacturing – are a great match for the Siemens network. Siemens plays a role in addressing the world’s biggest challenges, and we play a role in connecting the bigger picture to the fine details of everything from tax policy to employment law and migration numbers. All our policy teams contribute to our work with Siemens, so the Siemens Government affairs team can tailor and direct information to where it is needed in the network.
  2. An evolving partnership
    The DeHavilland-Siemens partnership is seven years into its evolution – it goes back to a different geological era of UK politics – pre-coronavirus, pre-Brexit, pre-net zero. Siemens is a complex business operating in a complex world. Over those seven years, we have constantly updated our offer to Siemens to reflect changes of priority in the business and public policy. 
  3. Daily updates  

    Siemens value the daily updates which they make the most use of – that’s the ability to track engagement and create mailing lists, the civil service add on is very practical too and it’s always kept up to date, which is so useful. DeHavilland are meticulous at updating their data base and it shows.  

  4. People focused
    DeHavilland are proud of the service we provide Siemens and that our culture is people-focused rather than sales-focused. All our clients get a personalised service: all our policy staff are ready and willing to help clients to interpret events and policy development. With DeHavilland, you have the conversation – sometimes you need insight as well as information.
We value the DeHavilland service immensely, we are always impressed by the team who provide timely bespoke information and are very responsive. It’s what we need as a diverse business.
Steven Coventry
Head of Government Affairs for Siemens PLC

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