UCB is a multinational global biopharmaceutical company focused on creating value for people living with severe diseases in immunology and neurology now and into the future.

National Policy and Patient Group Engagement Lead, Rob Thomas, has used DeHavilland for five years to monitor and inform on the key issues and challenges the company faces: NHS performance, strategy and affordability; and political updates around lobbying, Brexit and Covid-19. Real insight that cuts through vast reports, white papers and media coverage is where DeHavilland comes in.

How we help UCB Pharma

  1. Covid-era health policy developments
    Throughout the pandemic the pharmaceutical and health industries have been in the spotlight, pulling together in response to an extraordinary and rapidly changing situation. As the NHS looks forward to system recovery, The Government’s white paper is critically important, with detail around operating plans, money flows and frameworks all impacting pharma. It’s a vast amount of information to sift through and absorb, which Rob needs to articulate back to the business, including medical, marketing, sales and field sales teams and help them to make sense of it. Specialist reports arriving from DeHavilland every morning make it possible.
  2. Highly tailored email updates
    DeHavilland’s team of experts focusing on the health and pharma arena compile tailored, timely email updates to keep UCB continuously abreast with stats, facts and figures, commentary and policy analysis. The updates are easy to absorb and detail what matters to UCB as a business. 
  3. MP stakeholder management
    DeHavilland’s unparalleled MP stakeholder database is intuitive and easy to use, enabling Rob to explore MPs’ interests, the groups they belong to and the relevant topics they tweet about.
DeHavilland makes keeping on top of the key issues affecting our industry and our primary areas of interest much less complicated. It’s highly tailored and all in one place, making it easy to dive a bit deeper, share with colleagues and begin capitalising on new opportunities through a value package and personalised, attentive service.
Rob Thomas
National Policy and Patient Group Engagement Lead at UCB

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