VÖB is the German association of public banks – encompassing public, private and cooperative banks. VÖB represents and promotes the interests of its members through communication with lawmakers at state, national and EU level, including through its long-standing mission in Brussels.  

How we help VÖB

  1. Focussed alerts, focussed team
    We don’t do information overload, and we don’t miss what’s relevant. Monitoring can be time-consuming, so our team of EU policy and law specialists ramp up the value for VÖB. The EU policy and lawmaking processes are not easy to navigate: there are a number of initiating institutions, different legislative pathways, and different levels of parliamentary scrutiny. We use our knowledge to give VÖB well structured, timely and 100% reliable information. We give them time to concentrate on representing their members’ interests. VÖB put their trust in us, as they have for the past five years and counting
  2. Expertise with a personal touch 
    DeHavilland’s EU team are all experts in their fields, and expert generalists. We have clients from a wide range of sectors, which all feed into our knowledge base for any single client. Our team are right at home talking to VÖB about anything from banking regulation to sustainable finance; from capital markets to promotional policy; and from retail banking to SME finance and digital currency. 
  3. Organisation and forward planning 

    VÖB uses DeHavilland’s PeoplePoint platform and the Forward Planner to make sure they represent member interests in all the important consultations and policy initiatives. Using our online tools, VÖB can plan and deliver quality representation for its member organisations. They always get their views heard in the consultations that matter, they always know who to approach. 

We need information daily to monitor developments and it’s mainly done by DeHavilland. We get well-structured information fast from DeHavilland – it’s a vital part of our day to day monitoring.
Christoph Wengler
VÖB Management team

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