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Custom Research

Use data to create insight that can build and support your strategy

Our research team uses a mix of the market's most comprehensive political data, cutting-edge technology and policy expertise to turn data into strategic insight for your team. Whether you are looking to achieve regulatory reform; become more proactive with your stakeholder engagement & management, or simply get a better measure of the success of your campaigns, the DeHavilland Research team can help you.

In today's fragmented and ever-changing political environment, it is more important than ever that you have the information you need to be able to work proactively. Whether you work in big business or in the third sector, it is critical for you to accurately identify future risks; uncover opportunities and measure the success of your work. Our research team have over 20 years of experience in research and we are passionate about helping organisations to achieve their strategic goals and secure their future success.

Contact us to discuss your priorities and learn how DeHavilland Research can support your team, including: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Stakeholder insights
  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Political Landscape Analysis

Why use us?

A market-leading authority

DeHavilland has been a trusted source of political monitoring and intelligence for over 20 years, working directly with public affairs professionals and insights teams across sectors including Health & Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Energy, Commerce and Technology.

The DeHavilland Research team are experts in their fields, having worked in roles ranging from policy creation; political monitoring; lobbying; journalism and senior research roles.

Extensive political archive

Our political archive is unparalleled as it dates back over 20 years, hosting over 2 million political issues, bills, events and reports. This detailed archive provides valuable research and political trend analysis. It is the single most powerful political research tool on the market.

Political expertise

Our team of policy experts can cut through the political noise and critically analyse the information on the issues that matter most to your organisation.  

Every day our team of experts and analysts give unique insight and help to support our clients strategic objectives.

Unparalleled coverage

We make it our mission to cover more sources than any other political intelligence provider in the UK, covering over 20,000 political media sources and monitoring Twitter as standard. This gives you unique insight into what opinion-formers are saying about you, your priorities, and your competitors.