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Dutch General Election 2017 Briefing

Dutch General Election 2017 Briefing

In mid-March 2017, the Netherlands held the first of a series of highly-significant elections in key EU nations. Read DeHavilland EU's briefing on the results and what they mean.

Future of the EU Briefing and Live Report

Future of the EU Briefing and Live Report

The European Commission has published its White Paper on the Future of the EU. Read DeHavilland EU's briefing, featuring a live report from the plenary debate on this landmark policy paper.

2017 National Elections Briefing

2017 National Elections Briefing

2017 brings a number of highly significant elections in EU nations. DeHavilland EU's John McStravick outlines all the key details.

FinTech State of Play Briefing

As the European Commssion prepares for a major public conference on a public regulatory framework for FinTech, Senior EU Policy Analyst Alex Boxell provides an overview of this nascent sector.

Digital Single Market Briefing

With the final tranche of Digital Single Market initiatives launched, EU Policy Analyst Leonie Hogervorst considers the state of play on this keystone policy project.

Access to Medicines Briefing

Access to medicines is a hot topic at present, with the European Commission and EU Council conducting work alongside the own-initiative report of S&D MEP Soledad Cabezon Ruiz. EU Policy Analyst Anna Krouskou surveys the policy landscape.

Brexit Negotiators factsheet

Brexit Negotiators factsheet

Get to know the trio of senior figures heading up the EU's Brexit negotiations with our concise downloadable guide.

EU Media Policy Factsheet

DeHavilland EU's new factsheet takes a look at the biggest topics occupying policymakers at the moment, from pluralism to geoblocking.

Profile: Michel Barnier

Former EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier has been appointed to head up the EU's special taskforce on the UK's departure from the bloc. Read DeHavilland EU's profile of the man in charge of overseeing Brexit.

Guide to the EU: The REFIT Process

How does the EU carry out checks to ensure its laws remain fit for purpose? Discover all the details of the dedicated REFIT process with our informative briefing.