Amongst the consultations and committee meetings, political debates, legislation and dialogues in Brussels, is the information you need to make better decisions faster. To see trouble on the horizon, sidestep negative impacts and engage with the influential stakeholders.

That’s what you get from DeHavilland. We scan information from a vast range of institutional sources, European Parliament Committees, trade associations, databases, blogs, press and social media. We search out what’s relevant to your industry. We distil the data into digestible reports that really clue you in. Now and far on the horizon.

We make it effortless for you. Your own agile, dedicated team of political analysts, backed by sophisticated tech, cutting through the noise to highlight what really matters.

I use DeHavilland every day and cannot over-emphasise the value to a company like ours. DeHavilland provides supporting information which is fundamental to us. The reports provided have been exceptionally helpful and the service is excellent, timely and vital to our business.
Martin Casey
Director Public Affairs Europe CEMEX

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